Artificial Intelligence Research and Intelligent Systems (airis4D) is the research wing of SEED foundation, registered under companies act 2013. It is envisaged as a human resource and technology development platform that focus on machine learning applications for Peace, People and the Planet.

At airis4D, our clients and trainees pursue  out of the box exploration  as they master new horizons. For us, machines are no longer programmable devices. They are intelligent decision making agents, capable of performing beyond human efficiency. We do professional consultancy to industrial applications, conduct research and developmental programs for students, professionals and enthusiasts. Above all, we believe in a sustainable, nature friendly, ecosystem for the complete development of the individual with a consideration of the OTHER

The Director and Dean  of the research team, who is a PhD in Machine Learning has been a university professor with over 33 years of teaching experience and close collaborations with leading institutions in the country  and abroad in various machine learning frontier research and developmental projects. He also serve as technical consultant to several academic and commercial projects worldwide.

We stand for the cause of science, unbiased service to humanity and  as advocates for the sustained scaling up of the biodiversity of the planet. There are no religious or political biases allowed in our institutions.


Rev. Fr. Dr. Abraham Mulamoottil

Founder Director

Prof. Dr. Ninan Sajeeth Philip

Dean and Director, AI Division

Geetha Paul

Director, Biosciences Division